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  • Family owned and operated since 2011
  • 1 permanent staff
  • Significant Management infrastructure in place
  • The business operates in a variety of industries including:
    • Medical & General Healthcare
    • Disability Care
    • Hospitals
    • Universities
    • Airlines
    • Mining
  • The business operates on shopping networks including:
      • eBay
      • Kogan
      • Catch
      • Medcart Australia
      • Corporate Dental Procurement Platforms
  • The business invested heavily in technology and now operates an e-commerce website platform that is fully integrated. The business has a 3PL warehouse that is based in Perth, Western Australia, with warehousing available in every state if required.
  • The business is scalable without the need to employ additional staff to meet growing demand.
  • Currently, the business manufacturers, imports and distributes a range of quality disposable medical products, personal protection products, hygiene products and cleaning supplies to the Australian market.
    • The business is also a distributor of premium healthcare brands, and currently has Australia wide distribution.
    • Registered own brand products have been designed, sourced and TGA approved.
    • TGA categories with multiple sub listings of products are already approved with the Therapeutic Goods Association – TGA. $100k has been spent on registration and compliance.
  • The company has successfully penetrated new markets where PPE requirements have been heightened because of increased awareness due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • Successful working relationships established with suppliers domestically and internationally.


  • The business has adopted an aggressive product focused internet strategy.
  • The company maintains the following ongoing initiatives to maintain its dominance in the marketplace.
    • The maintenance of its own website.
    •  Regular search engine submission and optimization for all websites.
    •  Competitor ranking analysis and keyword evaluation.
    •  Creation of strong links with online business partners.
    • Email marketing.




  • Current Turnover: $873,000 PA (2020) and growing rapidly.
  • Plant & equipment: $30,000
  • SAV: $230,000


Reduced to $995,000 + SAV

This is an excellent opportunity for a merger, acquisition, or migration and the company can be relocated and operated from any location.

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$ 995,000.00
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Contact Noel Currie
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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