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  • As the business broker Industry is relatively new in Australia , we have to stay ahead of the trends.
  • Australian Business Sales have introduced the “no commission ” from the sellers transaction ,as we will act as Buyers Agent.
  • Where we negotiate the commission with the buyer not the seller!
  • So the Seller saves many thousands of dollars !


We can act as Buyers Agents
“Save Thousands “$$$$$$$$$ when you sell 
( conditions apply )






News. We will help you sell or buy your business .


  • We are launching a new initiative in 2018
  • This will be the BMI for your Business. It is designed as an interactive form for you to complete and return.
  • We will assess the salability of your business with a series of points and then be able to advise you of the best way to go about selling your business in today’s complex business for sale market moving forward.
  • Now in January 2016 we have found the BMI form  to be an enormous success with well over 100 being completed and returned .
  • We have found that this assists in the clarification of clients thinking that are considering selling their businesses.

This is great for beginning of the process of listing their business.

  • We give you more exposure World Wide !
  • We give you the Marketing Edge ! Guaranteed.
  • Top Ranking Google rating !
  • Professional service and quality advice!
  • Your Business Consistently seen on the first pages of Google and other Major Search Engines.
  • Choose us to Sell your business overseas to China,South Africa, Europe,Asia,New Zealand,!
  • Australian Owned and operated since 1990,  – the ‘go to’ leaders in Buying and Selling Business Online in Australia and Internationally .


  • As part of the Business Migration Scheme for Australia ,we believe that this initiative will greatly assist our valued Business Sellers in accessing some of the billions of dollars ear marked for Australian Investment from  China and South Africa.
  • With the ever growing middle and upper class demographic this will add to the success of further business sales and hopefully a higher selling price  for our clients when they need to sell their businesses here in Australia. 
  • Some of our many Domains and URL’s  will be used to provide exposure for your Business through China !
  • New Logos and Web sites being designed for the 2018 year will include the new generation domains:
  • www.BusinessesForSale.Sydney
  • www.Broker.Business
  • www.BusinessForSale.Website
  • www.BusinessSales.Guru
  • www.BusinessMigration.Website


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BMI coming soon

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Latest Ad in our partners Noosa Style Magazine April 2015


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