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2018 Businesses Wanted to Buy We have cashed up qualified buyers that are looking for the following businesses in all areas ! Let us help you prepare your business fro sale for the future !

Business Wanted.

Business Buyers in 2016 are smarter and more informed than ever. They need to buy businesses that have been prepared properly for sale and the sellers are realistic about their asking price.

Businesses Wanted.

We ensure that the businesses that we list are fully prepared for sale at the time of the listing .Other wise we don’t the list the business .

  • Battery Businesses
  • Food processing
  • Meat Manufacturing
  • Abattoirs
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Farming
  • Motels and Accommodation
  • Tyre Recycling
  • Pharmaceuticals Manufactures
  • e-Health
  • Medical Centers
  • Internet

If you have this type of business or any other business for sale please contact us today for a free appraisal.

We also provide full business valuation and marketing services .

Business Migration is a specialty of ours to help you get that buyer that has the money and that is ready to buy a business so they can qualify to get their residency, sooner rather than later.


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According to some reports, as many as 500,000 businesses change hands each year. The number is expected to increase as the baby boomers retire and sell their companies. In fact, we are on the cusp of the greatest business ownership transfer in history – more than $30 Trillion will be changing hands from one generation to the next. A significant portion of that money will be used by the younger generations to start or acquire businesses.

55% of Australia’s Private Wealth which is held by baby boomers will change hands over the next decade.

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