G-Force Simulators


The G- Force simulator is the most realistic, powerful adrenaline rush possible, without being on the race track !!!


The G-Force Simulator is the most exciting and new development of this generation, that serves the amusement and leisure industry. It comprises of an innovative product with its very own unique, profitable marketing system that is used to create lead generation in order to produce endless sales for the product.

Its mobile billboard marketing system is used as a mechanism to attract business through corporate hire, party hire and corporate sponsorship.

The G-Force Simulator is a racing and driving simulator, but with an edge. Based on the concept of a real V8 race car, it is currently the only working model in Australia that has produced the simulator driving experience in a real race car vehicle. It delivers a virtual reality experience unlike any other.




The G-Force Simulator is a unique product that has produced a profitable marketing system. A major highlight for the vehicle and simulator system, and one of the main features that makes the G-force Simulator product so unique, is that the vehicle is fully transportable by car trailer.

Not only is the system mobile, but is efficient in its preparation for full functionality. It takes 15 minutes for the vehicle and the system to be set up, and packed up. It is also operational from a 240 volt power plug, and has an electricity overhead of less than $10 per day. Conversely, the vehicle has a potential of creating $2500 of revenue for a one day corporate hire.




There are three revenue streams that the G-Force Simulator is able to produce. The objective of the G-Force Business is to create revenue through the following avenues:


  1. Corporate Hire
  2. Party Hire
  3. Simulator Vehicle Sponsorship




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