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Waste Water Engineering Design & Treatment Specialist Business Sydney. Sold.

Sydney Waste Water Business.Sold.

  • Design and Treatment Specialist Business located in Sydney NSW.
  • Established since 1982 and owned since 1992.
  • This business has been extensively involved with wastewater treatment design, manufacture, and installation.
  • This businesses achievements have been recognised by patents in a number of countries.

New South Wales

Price: $ 680,000.00

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South Australia Heating ,commercial and residential business.SOLD.

Under Floor Heating Business Adelaide.SOLD.

  • European Under floor Heating Specialist business located in South Australia is being offered for sale.
  • Professional Design,Supply,Installation and Maintenance of Hydronic Heating Systems for home and business.
  • Established since 1974 specialising heating systems, solar hot water ,radiator style heating.

South Australia

Price: $ 155,000.00

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