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What is Zeescape?

Zeescape is the new scape! Presenting the World’s First Wall printer, a revolution in the wall decor market!

Zeescape is an Australian-owned and operated company offering a unique service for the design and print of high-quality murals in a wide range of sizes directly on a wide range of surfaces

Any good quality photo will be good to use. A good quality image means that it is 300DPI or 150DPI at the actual size you want to print.

You can also look at our recommended stock image site ShutterStock and choose from over 25 million high quality images.

Zeescape has a guarantee of 5 years for outdoor prints and 20+ years on indoor prints! The print will be dry 20 minutes after the job is completed and you can wipe the wall with wet cloth to clean the wall without damaging the print.

Who are we?

Zeescape is the world leader in wall printing with branches in Australia, Israel, Italy and India with many other countries on the way.

When it comes to service, Zeescape’s professional agents are there to make sure all projects, large or small, run smoothly.

Below are some of our offered surfaces that we are able to print on and provide endless possibilities…


Our Technology

Using state-of-the-art technology we are able to produce custom designs for our clients, which are then printed onto walls or windows, tiles or timber, indoors or outdoors…

In fact we can reproduce your desired design anywhere you require it.

Be it your logo, your advertisement or decorative touches in your home, our professional Zeescape agents can help you make a lasting impression quickly and efficiently.




Business Opportunity

Zeescape is offering an enjoyable and profitable business opportunity. To find out more on how you can own a Wall Printer or become a distributor in your country please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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