Business Buyers and Sellers Tips!

What do you need to know ?


Buyers have to plan 

What Buyers need to know is:







  • Are the employees going to stay on?
  • If they leave what can they take with them? – Customers, knowledge, experience, the company’s credibility.
  • What commitment exists between the parties for the future?
  • Do they know it’s for sale?
  • Why don’t they buy the business?
  • What is their history?
  • What are the employee’s future goals (individually?)
  • Can I provide the key employees with a career path?
  • Having entitlement provision handed over on settlement.
  • Finding out who are the “key” people.
  • Which employees have strong relationships with major customers and service suppliers?
  • How easy is it to recruit more employees?


What Sellers need to think about ?


  • Stable trading.
  • Not losing Key Staff.
  • Provision for entitlements to be passed over to the buyer.
  • Maintaining confidentiality.
  • Retaining staff.
  • Knowing how, and when to tell staff that the business is being sold.
  • Getting the best possible price
  • Why they should pay us the commission.

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