Right questions are the key.


Ask the right questions.

Questioning the Seller??

  • Before a business broker can properly assess and list a business, they must know as much about the Business as possible so they perform a proper analysis of the business .
  • Part of the Business Analysis is to qualify the Buyers and the Seller correctly!

Popularly referred to as a SWOT analysis the business broker should find out about the following details of the business:

  • Trading Hours,
  • History / longevity of the business.
  • Years of ownership by current owner.
  • Hours worked by the owner or under management.
  • Any other family members working in the business.
  • Franchise Terms (if applicable).
  • Supplier terms and conditions for purchases.
  • Customer terms and conditions for sales.
  • Business competition.
  • Customers (are there many customers or reliant only a few main customers).
  • Suppliers (dependent on only one or a few suppliers).
  • Seasonality of sales (Get BAS Report.)
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Licenses, Permits, Patents and Consents required to legally operate
  • IP, Websites, Trademarks, Databases.
  • Work Cover claims history or pending claims.
  • Plant & Equipment (Estimated and Depreciated Value).
  • Security of tenure (lease remaining).
  • Rent and outgoings currently paid.
  • Current level of Stock-holding.
  • Work in Progress (if applicable).
  • Other info as may be required.
  • Using the information above you should formulate a simple questionnaire that you can either complete yourself at an interview with the Seller or have the Seller complete and then send it back to assist in completing your Risk Assessment of the business.

Business Appraisal and Business Valuations


Other Items to be considered.

Financial Details of the Business.

  • Can the Seller supply 3 – 5 years Tax Financial Records?
  • Are BAS Reports available?

Details regarding the business premises.

  • Size of business premises and land area (if applicable).

Details regarding the Employed Staff.

  • Staffing Roster.
  • Staff Entitlements.
  • Staff training and qualifications.
  • Insurance coverage and claims history.
  • Rather than asking the Seller or the accountant to address any questions or clarify any.
  • Uncertain areas one at a time, compile a list of questions to be asked in one hit.




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