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Sydney Cosmetic & Medi Spa Earning $1,000,000+ ($1M) for sale


  • Own 3 Businesses Under one Roof – Existing Loyal Clientele Base with Huge Growth Potential
  • This is a fantastic opportunity for you to own three businesses under 1 umbrella. These 3 businesses cross refer clients to each other and has been successfully growing for the past 3 years. It is a multi revenue generating business combining a cosmetic anti-aging clinic, beauty spa and hair salon.
  • The business has 3 departments. You will own:
  • 1. Cosmetic & Medispa Clinic:
  • ● The fastest growing and most profitable department of this business is the cosmetic clinic which offers all of the most modern non-surgical treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, laser skin rejuvenation, varicose vein treatments and non-surgical skin tightening.
  • ● Anti-aging/cosmetic medicine is an industry that is growing massively and has grown by 30% in Sydney/Australia over the last 12 months alone.
  • ● The average transaction of 1 cosmetic treatment is approximately $500 and takes 30mins to perform.
  • ● These services are currently performed by a cosmetic doctor who can be easily replaced by another cosmetic nurse or doctor of the new owners choosing. However if the new owner wishes then the current doctor can stay on for an extended handover period.
  • 2. Beauty Spa:
  • ● The beauty salon is located on the first and second floors and employs two staff.
  • ● Beauty therapy is a growth industry always in huge demand.
  • ● This department earns 25% of the revenue resulting in approx. $250,000+ in yearly sales revenue.
  • ● Due to the cosmetic clinic also being in the same business this beauty clinic also offers upper end treatments such as lasers, medical grade skin peels and medical needling which most beauty clinics do not.
  • ● The beauty spa refers many clients to the cosmetic clinic and therefore creates a large amount of extra revenue for the overall business.
  • 3. Hair Salon:
  • ● The hair salon is independently run which decreases the work load for the new owner.
  • ● The hair salon will generate a gross profit of around $45,000.00 per annum for the new owner.
  • ● The hair salon refers a high number of clients to both the beauty spa and cosmetic clinic and therefore adds a large amount of value to the overall business.
  • LOCATION: Located in a charming village like location on the inner north side of Sydney, the area has the advantage of several surrounding cafes and easy access to public transport and on street parking. The area itself is known as a safe and friendly neighbourhood.
  • UNIQUE SERVICE PROPOSITION/COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: For a clinic such as this there is minimal competition when compared to clinics within
  • the Sydney CBD. The clinic is also unique in the fact that it is essentially a 1 stop destination for hair, beauty and cosmetic/ anti-aging services. The local
  • population’s average age and income is also very supportive for
  • a clinic such as this.
  • NEWLY RENOVATED: Apart from creating growth within the business the
  • owner has recently conducted extensive renovations inside the building which
  • total to over $200,000. These renovations include such things as:
  • ● improvements to the beauty, cosmetic and hair treatment areas
  • ● adding a new staff cottage in the courtyard
  • ● adding a new office room
  • ● renovating the old bathrooms
  • The owner also recently added a third story to the premises which is a fully self contained living quarters which is currently occupied by the practice manager.
  • The area which is dual zoned allows for such “above the shop” living.
  • You now have the opportunity to own 3 businesses under 1 roof. The business
  • would suit someone who has an interest in beauty/anti-aging clinics or an
  • investor looking for excellent returns. You can take a hands free approach and let the practice manager run the business on your behalf without having to be present. The practice manager is integral to the success of the business and comes highly
  • recommended.
  • Enquire now and we will email you a video walk though of the business premises within 24 hrs.



Code AUSN11-113

Asking price:

$1.9 Million + SAV

+ Freehold Optional

$ 1,900,000.00
For Sale.
$1.9 Million + SAV + Freehold Optional
Business Opportunity New South Wales
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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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