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Boating related business with Huge International Potential Based in Brisbane


  • A unique offer presents itself with this boating-related business. Based less than 30 minutes from Brisbane this new and exciting concern was established by two boating enthusiasts five years ago. After decades of boating the partners recognised that there was not a boat hook on the market that was remotely adequate. The partners decided to capitalise on this huge gap in the market for a fundamental piece of equipment that every boat would benefit from.
  • After years of costly research and development the partners have invented what is universally accepted by the industry as the world’s best boat hook. The device has been fully patented and registered in Australia, the UK, the USA, China and Europe with an exceptionally catchy trade name. The years of research and development have ensured that the product is now perfected and it has been soft launched to the market to an enormously positive reception.
  • The business partners are both now in their 70s and have realised that the energy and skill sets required to take this invention to the next level would be best undertaken by younger and more energetic owners. The foundation of the business is rock solid with substantial money invested in securing the international patent and the perfected design of the product.
  • The brand has also been extended to incorporate a growing list of relevant attachments that fit the extendable boathook pole, such as cleaning brushes, which can be used to scrub the deck or sides of a boat. As the branding is extremely attractive and memorable there has also been a range of prototypes developed under the brand umbrella that includes marine apparel and boating accessories.
  • Included in asking price is all intellectual property, current stock and all relevant machinery to produce the product as well a vehicle and trailer. This unique business would ideally suit a family of boating enthusiasts with entrepreneurial ambitions. Based in Brisbane, this business would require international travel to glamorous ports all over the world and ticks all the boxes of providing an enviable lifestyle.


Code: AUSQ11-132

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 $1.75 Million WIWO

$ 1,700,000.00
For Sale.
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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