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Business Details
  • Westgate Conveyance is an established Conveyance business.
  • Operated during normal business hours from home office.
  • Westgate Conveyance receives repeat business from previous clients.
  • Mortgage brokers and real estate agents with an estimated turnaround of $8,000.00 per month.
  • Being established, everything is ready for work to continue straight away, and no need to set anything up.
  • You have the option to continue operating the business from your home as a home based business with flexibility, or you may lease an office to operate the business.
  • You must have a conveyance Licence in order to operate the business.
  • Offers around $35,000.

Sold for $28,000

$ 35,000.00
Conveyancing Business for sale Melbourne Region
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1300 722 556
Dandenong, Victoria, Australia
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