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- One of Australia's leading Women’s activewear brands

- Established in 2014

- Large social media following (Instagram & Facebook) of over 63,000+

- Logo & name trademarked & exclusive

- Very strong e-commerce online store with professional, trending content & integrated     features

- Very strong SEO  - numerous first page key words with leading marketing company

- Wholesale with Australia & New Zealand's largest online e-commerce retailer

- Over 10,000 organic email subscribers

- Website is powered by leading e-commerce company, which makes it easy to maintain

- Clear target market with past experience & website statistics

- Loyal and returning customers


- Walked in world-renowned fashion shows including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (2017) New York Fashion Week (February 2018)

- Featured in Vogue Australia, Harper's Bazaar, Elle Australia, Daily Mail UK, Huffington Post etc.

- Stockist of largest e-commerce online retailer in Australia & New Zealand

- Work with leading international & domestic modelling agencies & photographers

- Featured in Australia's leading fitness show (Sydney & Brisbane) - over 80,000 visitors

- Relationships with Social Media Influencers


- Personally sourced overseas manufacturers

- Extremely high reputation for quality garments

- One of China's leading activewear suppliers

- Environmentally sustainable

- Great relationship

- Communication is easy and clear


-             Travel the world: Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and London

Fashion Week invitation for September 2018 & February 2019 already received

-             Retail store opportunity received

-             Wholesale opportunity to stock in national & international leading stores

-             Work with Australia's leading fitness show events company

-             Continue to work with leading social media influencers (1 million + followers)

-             With 1,200 international & domestic exclusive industry contacts, the opportunities are endless.

-             Owner would offer two weeks of training and assist to a smooth transition

-             Owner would be available for full-time employment as an employee or contractor (contracts to be negotiated)


- Stock high quality, exclusive, practical & trending hand designed activewear

- Designed over 150 exclusive styles

- Stocked over 100 styles

- Released over 4 collections

- Released swimwear & sunglasses range in 2017

- Asking price + Stock (approx. $38,000 CP) - 2,679 units (will vary over time)


LOCATION: Sydney, Australia

Relocatable as it is mainly Online

- Online (World wide web)

- Warehouse / studio is currently located in Sydney, Australia

- Our target market is within Australia but can be changed with new marketing intent

PRICE: Expressions of Interest, all offers considered

$ 500,000.00
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Contact Noel Currie
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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